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3 steps to get Verified Badge on TikTok

Verified badge near profile photo shows that profile is checked. This means that behind it stands a real person not a fake.

This is how you can prove you are a real person.

It is intended for celebrities, brands or public figures. Authenticity means a lot for the one who want to follow a real person.

How does it look such a profile?

There is a check mark that is shown next to the username. As a personality, you get interest from people that want see what you publish. Social media platforms are a good place for business.

So it is profitable to get a great number of fans and get attractive offers from companies.

They want recommendations for their products or services.

Brands actually promote their own production.

It is not about status, it is the guarantee that it is the real celebrity.

Everyone wants to monetize accounts with many instant Tiktok followers.

So they use the easy way and begin to clone profiles of celebrities. It is faster than become one of them.

There is a necessity to use the verification to confirm to whom it really belongs. The method allows protecting from frauds and fakes. It is a chance to avoid impostors. From a great number of similar username you must have one that has a badge, because this means it belongs to someone real.

 How does it look?

For the purpose to know how it looks such of account you should see some of them. See the profiles of celebrities who verified their profiles to prove that they belong to them exactly.

1. Cristiano Ronaldo.

Soccer player with an impressive number of fans. He is very popular in the world of sports, so people desire to follow him.

Cristiano has official accounts on many other social platforms. If you want to be sure it is real, see the presence of the blue badge.

Perhaps it does not matter what kind of content he posts, he is watched as time he is a celebrity.  Although his profile is based on quality content that delight the followers.

2. Shudu.

Digital model has appeared in such magazines as WWD and Vogue.

She also promoted the production of such brands as Tiffany & Co, Balmain and other. It is not a real person, Shudu doesn’t exist, and she is a creation of the photographer Cameron James-Wilson.

As long, she is the first digital supermodel in the world she is very popular and has a lot of real Tiktok fans.

3. Angela Merkel.

Politician that has fans due to the fact that she is a public face. As the Federal Chancellor of Germany from 2005 and the first woman who took this post she piques interest from people all around the world.

4. City Brampton.

It is a small city with a population of only 50000. Account is monitored by 10 percents inhabitants. It got the badge even with such a small activity. Most important is to be something real.

5. Choupette.

The cat of the famous designer Karl Lagerfeld. The pet is rich now and has a fortune of 195 million dollars that she got after the dead of his master on 2019.

Any profile is verified and each one gets the chance to do it. Is this meaning that the procedure of verification can always end successfully? Obviously not, exception the cases when you have a plan how to do it. You will surely make this when you take it seriously. There are some regulations you must obey:

Find out what are the rules of the social media platform and obey them.

You have to be real, not a fake. This is strictly necessary.

  • Make unique video or photo that represents you and the activity you perform. You can have a verified account no matter if it is a personal one or represents a company. This refers to accounts on rather languages.
  • Publish only posts that are of specific topics, accounts on general subjects are not verified.
  • Don’t publish links that point to follow other social media platforms.
  • Complete the profile with the whole asked data. Publish some facts from your life and a photo. Also, you have to publish one post.
  • You must be noticeable. Accounts are checked. It will be good if your name is mentioned in the news. Paid content doesn’t count; it has to be an independent publication.

Pay attention that wrong information may cause lose of your blue badge. If you aspire to verification, you have to provide only correct data about you, the brand or company you represent. There is a category of person that can get their blue badge very easy. These are TV channels, museums, restaurants, theaters, festivals and others.

 How many followers you must have?

Someone believes that a great number of fans increase the possibility of verification. You can even have less than 10000 fans to get the blue badge. In this case if you make through the procedure of verification will appear a swipe to the sites in the stories. There are other more valuable factors that can influence the decision of verification. The popularity means also the number of impostors with similar accounts.

The big numbers of fans that view appreciate and comment your video can bring you popularity. A way of getting this kind of appreciation is to buy it. Be careful and use only proven services. This way of increasing the number of followers suits for new accounts or if you want to raise the recognition of already existing one. Professional services use special methods that to increase the recognition of the account. Aggressive rising of the views or likes on Tiktok can cause losses to your profile even if you already have the blue badge.

Ignoring the rules you loose any chance and nothing can save it from the punishment. Followers count when they show good activity. Instagram encourage people who post original content that suits to the high quality. The social media platform, like Boosbe in fact is supportive for the one who want to verify their accounts at the beginning of it creation. For example bloggers get the blue badge faster. For Instagram is important that they recommend on their channel clips from it. Usually they say “See my profile on Instagram where I post video more often”. Users that went through verification become the leaders of the market and opinion. This is a favorable condition for advertising and monetization.

How to get the blue badge?

 The possibility to become a verified user on Instagram appeared in 2014. At the beginning the option was able only for celebrities. Then the social media platform was sending it, there wasn’t a possibility to do it by your own. Nowadays everyone can initiate this process, especially if you are sure that you obey all the rules of the system. It is very simple to use this possibility. All you have to do is to follow some steps:

  • Go to the section “Account” and ask the confirmation.
  • Choose “Request confirmation”.
  • Enter your data in the proposed form and attach your identity card.

 The phases above are easy to achieve.  The problems begin when you try to prepare your account for verification. The blue badge gets the one that suits to the regulations of the platform. There are some rules you have to obey, even if some of them are pure formal. See what you have to take into consideration.

1. Follow the clear rules of the system. This means you have to indicate only real data about you. Don’t lie, this will cause only damage. If you want to make your account more popular use only proven services and make content of good quality.

2. Be authentic and create account that shows what is your brand, business and who are you. It does not matter what you do. Means only your recognition outside the Instagram.

3. Make unique account. That’s how you can be verified. Fakes don’t matter as long you can prove the identity. You can create just one account for your business or brand.

4. Complete your profile and enter all requested data. Everyone who wants to be verified must suit to the rules. Post as much information as you want besides links to other platforms.

5.     Your account must represent a brand or a person. It is very well if some other sources published information about you. This is how the popularity measures. Advertising doesn’t count.

6. Be serious and create an account of good quality. Don’t try to cheat and trick the algorithm, because the risk of being locked.

Can I take the blue badge by money?

People often ask themselves how much you must pay to get the verified badge. This kind of promotion belongs to the black market. You must know that such kinds of methods are practiced by persons that don’t obey the rules of Instagram. In the same time they present their selves as collaborators of the social media platform. They create sites and pages where are presented their services. The prices are pretty high, something between 1000 dollars and 15000 or even more.

 If you want to find someone who can help you get the verified badge, such as representatives and advertising agencies, you pay for the work of the specialists. They analyze your profile, choose a strategy of development and tell you how to increase the popularity. The service help accounts been verified. It takes a while to bring the account to some parameters. You cannot buy it in a short time. Don’t spend your money for promises that don’t help. Invest in your brand and after a while this will help you to get the blue badge.

 Advice that can help you be verified

 There are some things you must respect will help you to get through the procedure. It is all about things that work and eliminate the methods that can cause the ban of your profile. What you have to do to get the blue badge? Let’s see what will help you really.

  • Promote your business outside the social media platform and you will get success with your account on Instagram. For the social media platform is necessary that you are appreciated besides it. Take into consideration that it is not easy to promote a brand when there are competitors that want to reach the same goal.
  • Try to intrigue and induce interest to your person from other sources. Everything must be natural.
  • Use only content that suits to the rules of social media. Be original, interesting and unique.
  • Try to embed other social media platforms to gain more popularity.
  • Don’t use doubtful ways of promotion. This can cause damage to your account up to ban.

TiktokFollowers is a service which can help you be more popular on Instagram. We use proven ways of getting you popular. You can buy likes, views, followers and comments. This will make you knew in a short time. With the popularity you get the possibility to be verified. It is not all you need for the mark of verification, but it may help. Choose the right package and make the order. Buy likes and followers and keep enjoying the trust, credibility and recognition from the present and future fans.

Myths about verification

Many people write advice about the fact how to get through this procedure. You have to choose the right one to follow.  Each profile owner wants to gain trust, credibility and authority. With the badge you seem to be more like an influencer. If you think that millions of followers will help or you must be an actor to get it you aren’t right. See the main myths about verification on Instagram.

  • Only celebrities can get the blue badge. This is not true. Anyone can get it no matter what he is doing. You can be a professional and gain popularity with the quality of products or services. Bloggers, athletes, makeup artist and other can get the verified badge. Apply to the verification of your account regardless of its type.
  • There are Instagram managers that give you the check mark if you know them and can become their friend. Wrong again, managers can help speeding the process of getting the blue badge in the shortest time and that is all. The verification can take place even without their help.
  • You must have millions of followers to receive the badge. This isn’t right. You can get it even if you have ten thousand fans. The main goal is to obey the requirements of the platform and follow all instructions.
  • After verification you receive more followers. Quality and originality is the secret of your content. This way is determined the number of views. You have to make good content and perhaps buy views and followers to become known.
  • The verified accounts can ignore the rules of the social media platform, and they will never be punished. It is a myth. They also can be locked or even deleted because the regulations are the same to everyone.
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