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How to change name on TikTok

Change name on TikTok? Not a rocket science!

The last time we talked about how to edit your Tik Tok profile. It was easy, right? Now we suggest taking a look at your Tik Tok username. To be honest, it’s one of the main things on this social media. Tik Tok username can say a lot about your personality, that’s why it’s super important to choose it carefully. Other users recognize you by the username you have. So, in order to become popular, you shouldn’t change it all the time. Remember, there is a rule: you can do it only once in 30 days.

Be careful with that. 

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Change name: step-by-step

But if you decided to change the Tik Tok username, we have a couple of hints on what to do in this situation. In case you need help:

  • open your Tik Tok profile;
  • then tap on the “edit profile” and click on the “username” field;
  • fill in a new nickname;
  • save it at the top right corner;
  • you are done!

Ok, we figured out how to change the username on your Tik Tok account. Now let’s talk about changing the Tik Tok ID. When you change the username, the profile link changes too.

You might also think “what username should we choose for my Tik Tok account”? And this is a wise thought. It shows that you are taking everything seriously. Well, we would say that there are a couple of websites where you can generate preferrable usernames for any social media. There are some specific ones designed for Tik Tok users. You can just fill in your hobbies, lucky numbers, description of yourself and get a unique username! Another way is to brainstorm it and think all by yourself without using any generating engines. Try to think about what you likes on Tiktok the most or what associates do you have with yourself.  It certainly develops your creativity. Moreover, it’s a good start in the world of Tik Tok art.

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