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How to change photo on TikTok

Change photo on TikTok is a very simple process. Let us show how it's done

Some people may ask “ why do we need to upload a picture on my Tik Tok account?”. There are several reasons why it is important. Let’s say, you decided to become famous on this social media.

Then you might start thinking about followers or likes and shares first. Yeah, it’s definitely necessary to take them into account in the beginning...But, c’mon, the very first thing you take a look at is a profile picture.

Let’s say, you decided to be socially active on Tik Tok. So, you’re browsing your news feed and see all the popular bloggers’ videos. Some of them you like, some you don’t.

And you will probably want to subscribe to some of the Tik Tok accounts that you liked the most.


Ok, then you open the profile of the guy or the girl that you liked and see their profile pictures right in front of you.

And imagine if there is none of it. we am 99,99% sure you will not subscribe to a person who doesn’t have a cover photo on his or her Tik Tok account.

That’s how our psychology works. Even in real life, we judge our new acquaintances by their appearance first, and only after that we are making decisions whether we are spending time with this person right now or not.

The same logic is present in a Tik Tok world.


Change photo on Tik Tok: step-by-step

We hope that we persuaded you to upload a cover photo for your Tik Tok account. It’s time to see how can you remove a profile pic or upload a new one. So we explain how to change photo on TikTok.

There are a few simple steps:

  1. open Tik Tok app
  2. login if needed
  3. tap on the “me” icon at the left lower corner of the screen
  4. tap on your profile picture
  5. tap “change”
  6. don’t forget to allow the app to access your photo library
  7. upload the photo and save it

It takes only a couple of seconds, so don’t be overwhelmed by the number of steps above.

One more tip that we want to give you is: don’t change your profile picture too often.

Other Tik Tok users will remember you by your username and the cover photo that you have. 

Well, another tip is about how should this Tik Tok picture look like.

According to my personal experience, we would say that there are a couple of things you need to consider:

  • the picture should be bright and colorful
  • it’s better to have photos that depict yourself there, not just random pictures from the Internet
  • it should have a special feature so that people will remember you
  • the quality of the Tik Tok profile picture needs to be high

we guess we’ve just discussed everything considering Tik Tok profile pictures in details.

Leave your comments here if you have any questions or ideas.

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This would assist you in quickly becoming popular on Tik Tok. See you soon!

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