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5 April, 2021

How to Know If You Have Fake TikTok Followers?

TikTok is a relevant and effective way to promote goods and services. Working with the platform has its specifics since videos are the only way to submit content on social networks. Not all entrepreneurs regard the capabilities provided there when forming a marketing strategy and miss a significant part of the solvent audience while fake TikTok followers are far from being quality fans. 

When in 2019, the audience of the platform exceeded the 1 billion mark, it became clear that this is an excellent marketing tool. In all countries over the globe, the number of community members is growing rapidly. Visitors aged 18 to 34 years – about 40% of the total audience. Bearing in mind that the most solvent segment is considered to be 25-34 years old, the prospects of promotion are excellent. If younger people do not enter your target audience, then the result isn’t going to be so favorable. However, it becomes an additional advertising channel: try to adapt to the specifics of the facility and track the results.

Your image can look more appealing with fake TikTok followers. The metrics matter since the potential fans pay attention to them. However, you should care about the safety of your account not ordering a big fanbase of TikTok fake followers otherwise there’s the probability of facing the sanctions of the AI-based platform’s algorithm. 

Why audits are conducted

Is there any way to determine that you have an inappropriate fanbase? The specialists recommend conducting regular audits to make sure it’s excluded. Only in this case, smooth operation of your profile is available. You should know your weak points to correct the situation, especially if you are there for business. The task of the enterprise is to earn but it’s impossible with an unresponsive database. Though the metrics demonstrate a perfect picture promising a wonderful result, it doesn’t happen that way. Therefore, auditing is the right step to determine if there are any flaws in this respect. 

How to get the Real TikTok Fans?

Engaging with your audience by posting the right content helps you expand your customer base and increase the number of friends. It’s even possible to do with fake followers Tik Tok doesn’t impose restrictions until the scale of activity becomes tremendous, so wise behavior is the key.

Like other social networks, businesses use the service to promote products and earn money. From the platform, you receive referrals to communities of other platforms in order to replenish the base of subscribers and potential customers. Advertising integrations and brand collaborations are also available in the network. The fans should contribute to your growth. If they don’t, it denotes the lack of quality human resources at your disposal. 

Auditing that helps the system work for you

If you apply for the audit and optimization of your account, it is analyzed by the experts, who easily identify the problems associated with the lack of promotion in this social network. Carrying out the audit, the professional should decide if the profile is operated wisely and what to do for its improvement. Examine the progress you’ve made performing such work. There is always a risk that all your efforts go down the drain after spending much time and polishing your image. People don’t want to devote time to a pointless activity that won’t bring anything.  It means that the goals remain unattained and the perfect distribution channel doesn’t work for you. Everything is going to be different with quality folks commenting on your posts, and sharing your videos. The number of likes to your videos continues to grow with active tiktokers on the site. That means that the system won’t promote your clips to others. Phony members won’t be able to provide this for you. 

Efficient auditing tools 

There are many free online tools to determine the quality of your fans. Check it out to make sure there is a possibility for better performance with an enhanced fanbase. With an inordinate number of passive users, the person should take measures to attract more active participants. 

Also, a tool of this kind is helpful for entrepreneurs working with influencers. It enables them to determine the quality of their friends as well. There are a lot of stars buying tiktokers for improvement of their metrics. This is how they earn charging much for advertising content. It’s hard to see in advance if their contribution to your promo is efficient.  The best effect is attained with a genuine audience. If you get access to them via popular influencers, you can increase your sales. 

How to improve the quality of the fanbase?

There are two basic ways of promotion: 

- It’s possible to develop your customer base and advertise directly to them. 

- Partner with influencers to promote your product/service/brand. 

Using them, the person adds real, active friends. The purchase of fans is used as a tool to augment the database, but it shouldn’t be the main way of promotion. There are a lot of means to help you to determine the level of your userbase activity. For instance, following the trends is very effective for the attraction of real visitors, while phony fans don’t react to such videos. Usually, the level of activity is rather high but it won’t take place if there are no real personalities behind the profiles. 

Keeping an eye on viral clips and trends is used to define the characteristic features of most liked posts. This is what you should do to succeed on the app. The trends are based on the demands of society. For instance, the trends in 2020 and 2021 are more focused on clips with a versatile home activity. This is explained by the fact that the number of visitors increased incredibly during the pandemic restrictions. Many people stuck at home but still tried to keep fit therefore many fitness videos were created and watched as well. 

There is also a trend of more celebrities coming to the platform. According to the calculations of Cosmopolitan, more than a hundred celebrities do not belong to generation Z, which is the main public there. One of such celebrities is Arnold Schwarzenegger ( who likes to share the news of his life with folks on the app. 

Everything you do on the app is tracked. The way you act matters much. Every tiktoker has a unique content feed known under the title “For Your Page”. With more interaction within the community, the content in this section becomes more tailored. Employ this knowledge to grow on Tik Tok.

Do Fake Fans on TikTok cause problems?

TikTokers are ready to do practically everything to attract the fanbase, sometimes you see the death-defying stunts performed with the goal to make viral content. Consider the situation to decide if it is worth risking your life for the sake of bigger numbers instead of just buying fake TikTok followers. It is simple to boost the profile without dangerous maneuvers on your part. 

It’s not recommended to purchase a huge database in one go as the algorithm tracks the activity on the platform looking for fraud. There are some rules you should follow to avoid getting shadowed. This is a kind of ban you may not even suspect of. However, you can notice that something goes wrong and all your efforts seem to be in vain. It is able to decrease your performance on the network considerably. Such kind of restriction means that the platform delivers minimum access to your posts, which are not boosted anymore. It means that you did something wrong. Explore the rules to figure out the reasons for it. 

Your profile is shadowbanned when you:

  1. Used copyrighted materials/music;
  2. Liked too many people within a short time;
  3. Followed too many tiktokers in one go;
  4. Employed forbidden hashtags.

Why apply to TikTokRush

You can start with a small package of fake followers on TikTok not to breach its terms of use. With the acquisition of the package from TikTokRush, customers get natural real persons to their accounts. These are high-quality members of the community so you will not face problems with search engines. 

Multiple Instagram users have been buying folks for years and now they enjoy an extensive fanbase. The same thing is acute for TikTok, however, the engine is smarter here. Therefore, it is necessary to do everything smarter as you buy. The professional experts of our company will review your account to decide upon the suitable pool of followers. 

You should browse for the packages that are offered on the website of TiktokRush. Ordering the service, the accountholder should only provide his or her username. With the purchase of fake TikTok followers no verification is required. You shouldn’t give access to it so there is nothing to worry about. We don’t ask to entrust your personal data to provide highly qualified service to you.  

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