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How to promote on TikTok

Many companies refuse from using this young social platform as they don’t see the long-term profit from the investment. A similar pattern was noticed when Instagram just started to develop. Companies waited to make sure they should bet on it. Businesses should understand the marketing potential of the network to begin contributing resources to it. In such a situation, the only thing left for them is to wait and observe how their business rivals post ads and reap profits on the promising social media site. However, this is not the only problem. They also don’t know how to promote on TikTok or arrange an advertising campaign. This article is devoted to this topic.

It’s not for every industry

Those who think that it is enough to set up a profile on the resource, are mistaken. This is just a beginning of a long way, which is going to be successful if you know how to promote on TikTok. If you doubt that the investment is worth it, check it out for some time and look at the result. It will help you decide if this is the right promotion tool for your type of business. There are specific rules for each sphere and not each industry elicits a response in Tiktok followers

Initially, the resource was designed for the music industry. Even the name of the site spoke about it. The trend still continues. If you know how to promote music on TikTok, you are going to be successful. 

How to please the site’s system

The functionality developed by the team enables the creation of exciting content that is liked by the public, so the format itself makes the material successful. Despite that failures occur often. The creators might think their clip is superb but without knowing the principles on how to promote TikTok staff it doesn’t do so well they hoped. The specialists assert that it’s essential to consider the algorithm in the core of the network and create videos for it, not for the audience only. 

3 seconds rule

It inspects the behavior of users watching your clip and makes the conclusion on it. For instance, if people watch only several seconds from the 30-second clip, this is a red flag for the mechanism. It means that tiktokers don’t like it, so it marks it as irrelevant and not engaging. Your content is going to lose the competition to other clips then. It will be buried in the tons of staff posted daily on the social media. If you want to know how to promote your TikTok account, you should follow the rule of 3 seconds. When the viewers are captivated by your clip for 3 seconds, the probability of your success becomes higher. Popular videos are boosted by the algorithm opening new opportunities for you. Such a metric as the completion rate is essential for the evaluation of the content. It demonstrates how many people watched your video to the end. Regular boosts are provided as a reward for exciting content. Such posts acquire viral status. The snowball effect plays a crucial role in it. 

How to use TikTok to promote music

The resource is ideal for the promotion of singers, musicians, dancers, and the like. Some artists acquired fame on it such as Ava Max, Doja Cat, Lil Nas X, and others.

They became so popular thanks to the unique format of video materials. The factors explaining their success include a vertical aspect ratio of short videos, which are usually 15 seconds long, audio snippet support, and extensive editing functionality. However, even the combination of these things wouldn’t bring such a viral effect without the definite scheme of the system. This is the key to your success. The push of popular clips to a larger audience contributes mainly to popularity. Pay attention to the following tips to perform better on the app.

  1. Create catchy content to go viral and get famous.
  2. Select TikTok-friendly tracks.
  3. Use the combination of hashtags to reach more viewers.
  4. Follow numerous users: musicians, composers, influencers. Don’t forget to follow back those who followed you.
  5. Arrange contents and challenges to involve your fans in the activity. People love to be creative and reveal their talents.

Can you pay to promote TikTok account? 

This is the main question determining the further strategy. The promotion depends on the budget allocated to it. It is recommended to purchase likes and followers for faster growth of your account. When the brand is promoted, the budget is certainly higher. A famous influencer mentioning your trademark is the most efficient method to attract fans although such type of ad is expensive. Anyway, the further steps depend on the budget.

How to promote TikTok account with TikTokRush

You need to devise the strategy for the promotion and TikTokRush services are very useful for it. Our company has reasonably priced offers to help you to succeed. An easy-to-use interface with packages to any budget makes the process effortless and incredibly simple. There are three easy steps when you should select the service, specify the details of your account, and then pay with any payment method that is convenient for you. Check out our proposal to develop with us!

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