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How to see who viewed your Tiktok video

Who viewed your tiktok video? Are you interested?

It’s always interesting to know who were the people that watched your videos on Tik Tok.

However, not all of us know how to reveal the identities of the Tik Tok profile visitors. By doing this, you not only can analyze the average age of your target audience.

You can also understand how often the views appeared. It’s very important for promoting a Tik Tok account. In this article, we share my personal experience on how to see who viewed your videos or visited your profile, who liked the videos that you posted, and how to see your liked videos.


Tik Tok wants you to spend more time using the app. Active users who viewed your video or liked it are displayed there only for 24 hours.

That’s why to see who viewed your Tik Tok videos, you need to set up the notifications.

To my mind, it’s more convenient because only this way you can see the profiles of people who were active on your profile.

But, if you don’t like the buzzing sound from the notification, follow the steps within 24 hours. 

Who viewed your tiktok video: step-by-step

How to see who watched your Tik Tok video:

  1. Open Tik Tok app
  2. Login to your account (if needed)
  3. Tap the “inbox” option
  4. See the activity feed: who viewed or liked your Tik Tok video, started following your Tik Tok account. You can also check who left comments or tagged your profile somewhere.

There are 2 ways how to set up the notifications from Tik Tok. The first way is to allow the app to do it in the beginning, when you just downloaded and opened Tik Tok. The second way is to go to the settings on your phone and allow Tik Tok to send you notifications.

How to see the number of views on your Tik Tok video:

In case if you were late and all the activity notifications disappeared, you can still see how many people viewed your video.

Tik Tok has permanent video counts which are very helpful.  To do so,

  1. Open Tik Tok app
  2. Tap the “me” icon, you’ll see your Tik Tok videos
  3. Each of your Tik Tok videos has a tiny “play” icon or comments for Tiktoks icon at the bottom-left corner. It shows how many people watched your video
  4. A concise guide on who viewed your Tiktok video

How to see the videos that you liked on Tik Tok:

Likes are the main concept on which all the modern social media apps are based. Users can like videos of each other on Tik Tok.

This is how they promote their Tik Tok accounts and becomings famous. It’s so addictive to get  instant Tiktok likes and to increase their amount day by day...There is also one option that you might like.

Tik Tok saves all the videos that YOU liked so that you can revise them later and get inspired to create your unique content. 

  1. Open Tik Tok app
  2. Tap the “me” icon
  3. Tap the “heart” button which is close to the ‘Timeline’ icon
  4. Enjoy the videos that you liked on Tik Tok

We hope my article was helpful to you and see you soon!

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