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My TikTok has 0 views!

Many people write to us and we obtain the complaints of the following type: “My TikTok has 0 views. Why is it so? What should I do?”  They wish to improve the situation and ready to invest in the account to acquire online friends. The users with 0 views on TikTok shouldn’t worry. The situation is easily corrected. 

For any new TikTok account 0 views is an ordinary case. With more videos posted on the app, you increase your popularity. When you create your own interesting content, Tiktokers share it with other users, hence the number of views grows. This is how the algorithm of the service works turning 0 views on TikTok into hundreds, and thousands! The number of hearts below the post is a kind of review reflecting the amount of success. 

Businesses with 0 views on TikTok

Getting no views on TikTok, you should apply to the expert for the analysis. If you put up with zero views TikTok won’t become your promotion ground. Under the circumstances, the company can’t earn on it, which is critical in case business purposes are pursued. 

Novices with zero views on TikTok

However, we shouldn’t underestimate the psychological condition of novices getting 0 views on TikTok after they worked hard to create some extraordinary video. This is certainly very unpleasant and discouraging. You’ll be surprised to know that many TikTok social media stars experienced the same when they were at the beginning of their way to the top. It takes time and much effort to get famous. 

4 Tips to follow for newbies

So, what can be done to enhance your position? Getting 0 views TikTok user should make the following steps to contribute to the growth:

  1. Apply to the professionals of TikTokRush;
  2. Select the plan that seems more suitable for you;
  3. Buy the followers to start promoting yourself;
  4. Post an interesting video to make your fans share it with friends.
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