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Shadow ban on Tiktok in 2020

TikTok is a unique possibility for everyone who wants to become famous and make money. Short funny clips showing dance, lip-sync, pranks and other interesting things are watched by millions of people from all around the world. The one who are watched the most become celebrities and gain money. In attempt to become followed, the owners of TikTok accounts use different ways of getting fame. Some methods aren’t good and act in reverse, giving bad results. This is called shadow ban on TikTok. Accounts that ended up under it don’t get as many views on Tik tok and instant Tiktok likes as usually.

What is shadow ban on TikTok?

The account holders are often facing such a problem as decrease of activity around their video. Each posted video gets less views and likes. So, why this is happening? The phenomenon is known as shadow bane. It is a way of blocking user’s content on social media so no one can find out what occurred. The only appearance you can notice is a fall of traffic. Your clips are not watched; TikTok followers seem not to notice it.

It is not easy to get popular on TikTok, but with such kind of problems it is really hard to manage it. The only way to become popular on TikTok is to use proven services that can increase the number of real followers. This is the way how you can develop your account, but if you got ‘shadowbanned’ you must remove it. In mostly cases it begins from a content that doesn’t suit to the rules of TikTok. It means you have to find out what it is about and delete it. So the main task is to solve the problem that caused it.

People often ask themselves how they can find out about the ban. It is very simple, if the number of views dropped suddenly, than there it is. We talk about those cases when you already got some popularity and in one day it misses without visible causes. If you just created the account and you didn’t become watched by a lot of people yet it is normal. In this case you just have to make good video and buy some followers. This is how your account will become more interesting for others.

The scanty number of the views on TikTok is telling you about a ban and you have to do something to fix it. Account holders don’t even know about it because the upload of video happens as usually. The platform doesn’t send any messages about it. TikTok support also does not tell you about how much it can last. Why this happens? The social media platform has a protection against non-unique or adult content and spam. If the account is showbanned, then your videos don’t appear in the search results and are not recommended for anyone. As long your videos aren’t shown and recommended, you don’t get views.

You have a popular account that is losing attendance? Perhaps you have been shadowbanned. Another sign of this happened can be the missing of your clips from the list of sources. People can see them only if they really look for them on your TikTok but without any advertising. These will be the views of your video but very little in comparison with what it should be. The shadow ban is put by an algorithm and is occurring automatically. This is the guarantee of quality content. Obtain copyright for each track you use for your videos.

Someone cast doubt on the existence of Shadowban, but it is true. There are not other causes that can explain why the number of views on a popular account is suddenly falling. How it works? All the video you post are not shown to anyone besides your followers. As well the coverage of the content is smaller, the number of views falls.

What can cause the shadow ban?

There are some rules that must obey everyone who wants to post video. In case you don’t obey them you can get sanctions. If one or more clips do not correspond, they can be deleted or even your account can be banned. Another thing is shadow ban that you can get when you boost your account unfortunate, use too many hashtags, spam or exceed limits. This means you will be shadowbanned if you use unfair ways of promotion and abuse of them.

You want to boost TikTok account and you are worried about shadow ban? Buy real followers on Tiktok, likes and views only from services with a good reputation. If you increase their number naturally, you don’t have to be worried about. It is not easy to do it by your own so is better to use services that can help. This way you have the chance to become popular without risk. Sometimes video you posted hasn’t been viewed or liked for an hour. There are other causes that can generate this appearance. It happens when you posted the last video very long ago or you deleted one or some video lately. Such actions are not good for your TikTok popularity.

How to get out from the shadow ban?

This situation is quite unpleasant for anyone who has a TikTok account. The number of followers is not growing because video is not shown to anyone beside your current followers. With a little number of views you cannot make money from your TikTok account. First step to get from the shadow ban is to delete the content that caused that. Analyze what is going on and see what can cause such a problem. Delete clips you have posted lately to refresh your account. Do not post anything new for a while. It will be good to delete the app and install it again. Then wait for a while to see what happens.

Ghost ban pessimize your traffic. You will surely notice that something is not right and you have to act operative. Shadow ban is a consequence of cheating while growing the number of followers. This is not about the quality of content in the most of the cases, though it also matters anyway. If you buy followers and likes but your content is not original and interesting, you can be sanctioned. For wrong video TikTok can ban you for two weeks. Acting as a spammer you surely can get the shadow ban. This means you like more that 150 posts or follow more than 60 accounts for a short time.

Knowing the rules of TikTok is the first step to the popularity. The account that wasn’t promoted cannot bring you money. In the same time if you try to be more followed, you can lose everything. The only way to make your account popular is to buy Tiktok likes and followers. This is always good for your account if you entrust this task to a professional team. See a simple instruction that helps you get rid of the ghost ban:

·        Don’t use TikTok account for 2 days.

·        Post a video and add only a couple of hashtags.

·        See if you got more views.

·        If this helped try to obey the rules, so this never happens again.

·        If you still have a little number of views, then try again step 1 and 2.

Is it shadow ban or not?

The owners of the TikTok accounts often put themselves the question of why the number of views dropped. The question is about the fact if there is a connection between the small amount of views and the shadow ban. There can be many causes why you got the shadow ban. Besides the promotion without obeying some rules, you also don’t have to post video with nudity, drugs, guns and copyrighting content. Analyze what you have done lately and see what can cause that kind of problem. It is always something that appeared unexpectedly and it is connected with the actions you have done lately.

You will see the results of your actions in a short time. If everything is as usual but you have few views, then you must delete everything that may cause this. Shadow ban lasts for 14 days. Some people who have TikTok accounts continue to get shadow bans over and over. During a time their IP address is banned. This means they have abused the platform and violated the rules repeatedly, including the attempt of making new accounts instead the banned one.

How to promote TikTok account after the shadow ban?

The pessimization of the traffic has bad consequences for your account. You need something that will bring it up somehow. One of the best decisions is to make good content and buy followers or likes. It will be even better if you get both. A behavior that can make TikTok trust you would not hurt. This will help you gain the possibility to be shown to other people on TikTok, not only to your followers.

Try to not do the same mistakes again. If this often happens that is not good for your account. There are some rules you have to obey with the purpose to avoid this occurs.

·        Use less than 10 hashtags for each of your video. Choose the one that have a low frequency. They will give you real views.

·        Increase the number of followers and likes gradually and constantly. This is how the number of followers grows naturally.

·        When you use services to promote your account you don’t have to follow or like someone by yourself. This can cause damage to your account.

·        Don’t spam. If you have to notify something to your followers, be creative and use different messages to avoid spamming.

·        Make good content that suits to the rules of TikTok.

How to increase popularity and don’t get shadow ban?

Everyone wants to become popular and uses a lot of methods to get more followers and views. This is not correct. You always have to choose only proven ones because you can damage your account. It would be not good if you lose even those parameters that you have. It is not prohibited to use different methods of promotion as long you still obey some rules. Don’t exceed the limits and you surely get success.

Perhaps you don’t know how to do it. In this purpose you may delegate this task to a professional team, a service that deals with this every day. You don’t have to do nothing, just wait until the popularity comes. Another problem is to find the service you can trust to. So if you want to be sure you will get good results, then see references and find out more about its reputation. As long as people recommend it you can try it for yourself.

Why special services are so effective? TikTok shadow ban works on the base of an algorithm. If the conditions are met, then account goes under ban or doesn’t, depends on its activity in the last time. Services also are functioning on the base of an algorithm. It is repeating the action of real users. If you will try to raise the number of likes by your own, you risk getting the ghost ban. This way your previous effort will be in vain.

It is normal to want your account grow, especially if you look at the accounts of other persons. You cannot copy someone and become famous in one day. Growing your TikTok account is a meticulous work. You have to do everything right to get good results. Can you become popular in a short time without the risk of shadow ban? Of course, you can if you delegate this task to someone that is a professional.

Charli D’amelio is an obvious example that it is real to gain celebrity in a short time. Now she is the most popular account on TikTok. Charli joined the platform on June 2019. Less than in a year she got more than 50 million of followers. The teen girl is paid 25000 dollars per post and already gained from them 7 millions dollars. This means you also can become a celebrity if you promote your account correctly.

You have to invest in your account to get success. Even you are very talented and funny, no one will know about it with a quality promotion. Only good content does not promote you if no one knows about it. Buy followers, likes and comments for Tiktok to make your video more visible. At the moment when you become viral you can make money from TikTok. Most of the people see this as the main purpose of an account. You may wait money or celebrity, but they will come both.

Quality matters more than anything

You cannot do bad videos and increase the number of followers in the same time. The special service can bring real followers to you, but cannot force them view all the clips and like in the same time. As well, you get an impressive activity other people will join you voluntarily because everyone wants to be part of a community that likes to everyone. Around each account that already got some popularity it continues to grow. Do what you can, lip-sync, pranks, jokes, dance or acrobatic performance, but stay original.

TiktokFollowers is a service that can help you raise the popularity of your account on TikTok. We know all the rules of the social media platform and obey to them. With us you will never get shadow ban. We know how to help you become a celebrity on TikTok. Using a right strategy of development you can make money using any method on monetization you want. Buy likes, followers and comments that help your account become interesting for brands and advertising. Find out how to make an effective promotion of your account!

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