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The Top 10 of Famous Tik Tok Accounts 2021

The content creators do so many things trying to attract tiktokers, dancing, singing, and producing comedy skits. Some of them are incredibly successful. Let us look at famous Tik Tok users who earn millions on their short video clips. 

The most famous Tik Tok star is a 16-year-old dancer Charli D'Amelio who hit more than 100 million followers. Dancing to viral songs she managed to earn the highest followers on TikTok. She started her activity in the middle of 2019 and attained breakout success.Addison Rae is no less famous on Tik Tok with a count of 79 million followers. She is also a dancer and social media personality. (

The list of personalities most famous on Tik Tok includes Bella Poarch who is an American like two previous girls. ( Actually, all members we can find on the top list are US citizens.

Zach King is the first guy in the list of highest TikTok followers. Being a filmmaker and illusionist Zach started uploading his creative videos on Vine and became popular on that service. Now he owns one of the most famous TikTok accounts with over 58 million followers.

Spencer Polanco Knight with over 52 million fans is a beatboxer (@spencerx). He takes the fifth line in our list.

All of them have beaten the official account of TikTok with the fanbase of 52 million people. (@tiktok)

Loren Gray (not Lauren) goes next with over 51 mln she has earned by the time of writing this material. She is a singer, dancer, and the most famous Tik Tok girl. (@lorengray)

 Dixie D’Amelio (@dixiedamelio), is a singer with over 50 mln fans. As you have probably guessed already, she is the sister of the most famous tiktoker in the world Charli D'Amelio. Though she started her career later than her sister, she was able to get TikTok famous Free tiktokers keep coming to her account all the time. Creating content with a sister, these are the most famous Tik Toks creators on the app. 

People who compete for tiktok highest followers also include the celebrity Will Smith (@willsmith). The actor with 50 million followers uploads creative clips that are fun to watch. 

And the last person from the list with the highest followers in TikTok includes Michael Lee, a dancer from the USA who often makes videos with his younger brother. 

These were the accounts with highest followers in TikTok in world. If you watch their entertaining content, you will see that it is rather time-consuming to prepare the clips. For those who want to get TikTok famous free services and extensive functionality are available. 

It should be said that not all TikTok celebrities can handle the popularity burden. For instance, there were cases when most famous users had to delete their accounts. It happened for instance to Lisa and Lena in 2019 who announced that they had privacy concerns. However, in 2020 they rejoined the platform with the same username. With a previous fanbase, that included 32.7 million people, the number of fans that follow them now is just 12.7 million (data of 2021). @lisaandlena

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