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TikTok Challenges in 2020

Nowadays social networks are used not only as communication platforms. Various news feeds and trends could become viral and using that you can get the opportunity to significantly increase the audience on your profile. There are many things on the Internet that will benefit you. Let's talk about TikTok flashmobs and challenges. We will try to explain you how to find the right one, launch your own and what advantages you will get from it for promotion your account.

Why flashmobs and challenges are popular in TikTok? Apparently, challenges and flash mobs are not the invention of Tiktokers. First, YouTube has improved this form and brought it to a completely different level of popularity, because the video format is ideal for hosting them. This is the main reason why this form of content has become popular in TikTok. Another reason is the video format itself. Videos are short, running from 15 seconds to 60, which means that in order to attract people, it is very important that the content is dynamic, interesting and varied. Flashmobs or challenges could create a community of users, it unites people from all over the world and diversify usual clips that are popular in the service. The fact is that in the TikTok challenges, which are currently popular could be forgotten tomorrow. The thing is social networks are changeable everyday. There is no certain direction, that means you can find something interesting and new for yourself. If you decide to take part in the challenge, which is currently popular in TikTok, you can see what is contained in the “Interesting” tab. Challenges are one of the biggest part of our daily life. Big companies and brand more often use TikTok as a platform to attract new customers. On this article, we want to share you most hyped challenges. First of all, let’s consider common things about this kind of content in details.

What Are TikTok Challenges?


The beauty of TikTok challenges is that you can make them in any form you like. An important thing of creating videos of this category is that your videoclips should be short and easy in order to repeat this. Otherwise, your audience won’t be willing to share this. As an example you can check the following challenges #RosesAreRed and more difficult format #ThePushupChallenge.

You should remember that challenges and flashmobs are good tool to attract new people and if you make your videos in a right way, your content will become viral to get popular on Tiktok. By the way, if you are newbie on Tiktok and you want to make your audience grow immediately, you can boost your Tiktok account. Here is a good service that offer you to buy Tiktok likes and active Tiktok followers on very favorable terms. You can check the following link ( to make sure that it truly works. This interaction will help you to start gaining new users to your profile and fame worldwide.

How to make an original Challenge on TikTok

TikTok’s designers as many designers of social networks rolled out of hashtags to help people in surfing interesting content. There is a lot of bloggers on Tiktok, who dare you to repeat something. The idea of these challenges touch upon every part of current life. Sometimes you can use branded hashtags of well-known companies and brands because users are used to look something that linked with their favourite labels. This special “tool” simplifies as well your promotion of profile.

Moreover, to gain fame and get to the next level of bloggers with TikTok ads. This function drives people to be creative and unrepeatable. In addition, it is a strong signal for an audience who is constantly in search of something worthwhile with a wide reputation. As an famous example we can consider “Guess”. They make many collaborations with famous bloggers and influencers by launching #InMyDenim hashtag challenge. This let them make a good splash worldwide with over 5,500 videos that uploaded by Tiktok users. There are 10 million more views on Tiktok in total. By the way, using this challenge the company attracted about 12.000 subscribers on their business profile on Tiktok.

Now Let’s talk about the most famous current challenges on Tiktok.


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Nowadays, #whippedcreamchallenge videos have collected more than 78 million views, which means that fabrics of whipped cream containers will not suffer losses in the near future. Let's consider the rules of this strange and very tasty game. So, turn one hand with your wrist up, squeeze a generous portion of whipped cream on to it, clap it with your other hand from above, just above the wrist. Here you go, the cream comes off by hand, goes flying and we are trying to catch the levitating creamy asteroid by mouth! Did you get it? Enjoy your victory! Fail? Share your “epic try” in TikTok, views and likes are guaranteed in any case!


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Anything at all? Well, we would not say so, but in fact, this challenge provides a large space for the imagination of Tiktokers. Look at the numbers: 232 million views on #absolutelyanything confirm that instant transformation like a powerful magnet, attracts likes and views. Making videos with this hashtag will easily provide you with new followers on your Tiktok profile or maybe you will achieve “recommendations” tab.

Let’s talk about the main rules. First, you need to find the track from CG5 (feat. OR30) Absolutely Anything. What a similar name, isn’t it? The start of the challenge requires no makeup and strange look, just an absent-minded blogger in the frame. It could be compared with looking the mirror on Monday morning. The trick is that at the moment when the words “I used to be so beautiful, now look at me” sound, the author synchronously with a wave of his hand transforms instantly into his best image, well, you know, everyone has his own look for a special case. Have you already felt the powerful potential of this challenge? Watch more videos, you will be surprised no less than Charlie Green!

#yogachallenge or #balancechallenge

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“Is it possible?”, “How does it going?”, “So, we have to try it! We read your thoughts, while you will look at the pair challenge with a rather complicated staging technique. Under the hashtag #yogachallenge there are millions of different videos that uploaded on Tiktok, but in the trend video for two yogis, with a characteristic interlacing of legs, bodies spread over the floor, as if floating in the air. To fully comply with the conditions, you need to find the track “La-La-La” by the American producer Y2K together with the Canadian rapper bbno $. Next, follow your hands, follow your legs, follow your bodies, find out how much the initial yoga course costs, and only after this sequence try to follow the challenge. So, believe in yourself and start to upload the videos on Tiktok. If you will enjoy the process, your subscribes are willing to check your skills!


C:UsersAcerDesktopНи сыphoto_2020-05-22_04-20-57.jpg

So, if you are bored after balance and yoga, we will find you a challenge that does not require any physical abilities at all, the only thing you need is a minimal understanding of the basics of make-up. Nearly 10 million views on the hashtag #foxeye, you decide to join the challenge and you start looking like a fox. The only question is about decisiveness and confidence in its irresistibility, regardless of the shape of the eyebrows. The participants of this challenge shave their outer part of their eyebrows, paint them to the required shape, and go ... no, not to the forest, but to make a video for TikTok challenge and waiting any results. Do not consider this trend strange, because some well-known persons sometimes also want to become foxes without any masks and filters. If you do not believe it, send a direct message to Kendall Jenner or Bella Hadid, they have already appreciated the “fox” trend in the forefront.


C:UsersAcerDesktopНи сыphoto_2020-05-22_04-20-52.jpg

One of the strangest and most discussed TikTok Challenge is the #chairchallenge, which has got about 156 million views. In fact, Jason Derulo and many other popular stars were noticed in this challenge. In general, if you go into details, this trend was first shown in 1971 on TV in the sitcom "All in the family". Then it appeared as "Chair Trick" on Youtube in 2009 at kenbabe2O12 profile, collecting 140,000 views, which are currently ridiculous by today's blogger standards. However, the appearance of the TikTok platform gave an awesome start to this madness. Madness? Well, of course, but how do you look in the eyes of others when you rest your forehead against a wall, step back three feet from it, pull a chair under you, lift it to your chest and try to straighten up without hitting the wall.

An interesting fact, this challenge is harder for guys than girls, there is something to think about, right?


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Chairs, eyebrows, whipped cream, but how about this challenge with the most ordinary garbage brush? So, #broomchallenge took about 1.1 billion views and you are likely to join in? Some people say that legend of this strange competition claims that at certain moment point the Earth is in “perfect balance” and due to this balance, any brush can stand exactly upright on its bristles. Do not believe? Check it out on TikTok for #broomchallenge!


It’s great if the challenge matches the mood of users and takes into account the situation in the world. Now, when many are forced to spend time at home and maintain a social distance, this is especially true. A great example of this approach is the #DJAtHome challenge, which attracted more than 1.6 billion views. Its authors propose to try on the role of a quarantined DJ and entertain the neighbors.


Now, we know it’s important to have easily accessible challenges and to speak powerfully to the current social climate. The #ShowMeYourWalk challenge does just that and more. It’s sponsored by Chase Bank and the challenge asks users to celebrate their graduation and demonstrate a walk, roll, strut, or dance across their own version of a graduation stage. 


The authors of this challenge asked users to repeat the cover of the album or single, which is now closest to them. A great idea for a platform in which music is the second most important component of the content. The organic campaign attracted over 170 million view.


Wipe the mirror and see how everything has changed. A simple idea that is rapidly spreading across the social network. More than 71 million users watched the video.


So, this challenge is very interesting The idea is great because all you need is to use a sticker for the video with your pet, who seems to be calling someone. Fun interesting comedy clip can come out of this.


The #LeavingMyBody challenge encourages users to use the purple flame effect on TikTok to show what they’re letting go of while dancing along to a catchy song. For instance, if you’re a social media manager, you might attempt this challenge with the caption “The stress leaving my body after I’ve scheduled all our social media posts for the week.” If you’re looking at ways to create a challenge for your brand, scroll through the different visual effects on TikTok for some inspiration!


Everyone loves a bit of nostalgia. The #ImJustAKid challenge encourages users to recreate their childhood photos. A lot of people are quarantining with their families, so what better way to bring them together than with a TikTok challenge.

The challenge is successful because it’s so unique and personal — and everyone can get involved. Don’t forget to make sure your challenges are super easy to do.


Launching your challenge during a holiday is a great way to get your TikTok challenge to resonate with users and have your brand be top of mind. For Mother’s Day, Honey created the #PassTheCard challenge, where creators write a note to their mom and pass on the challenge by tagging other users. Some users wrote how their moms give them the confidence to love who they are, show them they can do anything, and get them through tough times. Connect your hashtag to a popular holiday to keep your brand relevant and top of mind during these days of the year.

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