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TikTok Trends in 2020

Tiktok Trends

Nowadays social networks become a real part of our life. When greatest multinational technology companies created their gadgets, they focused their efforts on working on the Internet.

Many people considered this strategy a not good enough because everyone had been used computers as main platforms on this time. However, this methodology became the most successful among modern highly developed companies. According to statistics, users check their favourite social media service about ten times a day. Moreover, you can`t calculate the number of all publications that appear on different apps. If you want to understand what kind of content you like you should get more information about certain category. To prevent people from getting lost on their social media platforms developers do their best to sort all the content on the apps. 

Now we`re going to discuss Tiktok current trends. How can you find the interesting bloggers or perfect video performance skills of usual people on this app? The important point is that modern trends are changeable worldwide. Imagine what the world would be like if the high hairstyles that were used in the 18th century still hung on people's heads? Actually, famous videos, popular bloggers, challenges, flashmobs are exactly the same. However, how soon the trend directions of TikTok become irrelevant? Apparently, every world shocking trends losing their importance when users just forget about them.

Current trends of TikTok

What is popular at this moment? Probably, the article you read right now is likely to be irrelevant. However, learning outdated information and trends is useful for new people on Tiktok to develop content creator skills. So, take your seat and have some fun while we telling you something that would be good for you.

Treat lightly when different large companies organize challenges in TikTok. They usually use this way in order to make some fame among people. Especially, their target becomes young auditory. All the challenges they make is designed to improve profit for company and attract regular purchaser and this way is not useful if you want to get Tiktok hearts and fans . The reason is that it is not so much the love of users that makes them trendy, but an advertising campaign with popular bloggers and a desire to get a prize from ordinary people. Let`s consider real trends that make people famous worldwide.

1. # DIY is a format that has long remained popular and attracts many users. 

The important detail of this content is that usually DIY is implemented in various specific ideas. For example, DIY hashtag with the update ideas collected almost 74 million views, before that some other idea was popular.

2. Many people make videos based on the opposition. The first clip in the sample, for example, is that the guy first shows how cute he is, and then makes a funny face. The idea of such category of content collected almost 34 million Tiktok views.

3. # facetime. This type of content is very popular on Tiktok. The bottom line is that we use the effect for shooting in the style of a facetime and shoot our pet as it calling someone. It can turn out very interesting humorous content, which could be useful for account promotion. This category attracts more than 62 million views.

How to track new trends?

Tracking new trends is effective not only for an interesting pastime, but also for promotion purposes. We’ll talk more about the second point a bit later, and now we try to understand which videos are popular in 2020. So, use the following procedure: Open the application. Logging in is optional. Click on the icon with a magnifying glass in the lower horizontal menu. It is placed second on the left, and look for the signature “Interesting” below. That's it, we can view trending hashtags. How to set your own trends? There are factor as fear of being unpopular due to irrelevance of content makes your path of Tiktoker so complicated. 

It seems like it`s easy to attract new followers by creating something special. How to make new TikTok trends and create hype? In fact, this is not so simple. In the “Interesting” tab, hashtags appear only if they gain a lot of views. Therefore, the only chance to be a “trendsetter” is having a large audience that will promote you. Moreover, you have to come up with a format that will become viral not only among the certain category of people limited by your subscribers. This way of developing your account will help you to get Tiktok likes and real Tiktok followers as well as set trending hashtags to gain a lot of views.

This is a great opportunity to get some hype and start to get popular on Tiktok

In one word, when you find followers for your account don’t use hashtags for distritubing prizes. It`s very difficult to get on top with such strategy, especially if you are beginner on this platform. Try to avoid the most popular challenges, because posts of this type are uploaded thousand times a day, and it`s unreal to make boom through this competition. Sometimes playing joke with a trend will be more useful than a serious videoclip. It makes difference on Tiktok community and creates a special effect, which will ensure the account’s audience growth. Remember that setting right hashtag will promote your success in the future and one day you will be able to get money on tiktok as popular Tiktoker. The rule is simple: the higher you are, the more attention you can get. There is no only decision how to gain fame on social media networks but if you will try everything we recommend you will definitely start attract new people to your account on Tiktok. Some people also believe that the dynamics of statistics plays important role on developing profile. Just follow activities of your audience and look through what they really like and prefer to watch. Combine every single method to ensure you are on a right way. If you want to make your career as blogger Tiktok is a perfect tool to start. Awesome and unrepeatable performance which doesn’t look as same as many people do will provide you with a huge army of followers.

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