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What actually TikTok is?

TikTok is a Chinese (ByteDance dev.) app where users can create and post short movies of up to 15 seconds, adding music, various effects, and hashtags to them. It is also possible to merge several short videos into a single story with a duration of up to 60 seconds.

First time Tik-Tok entered the smartphone users’ life in 2016.

The original name of TikTok was Douyin.
In fact, the TikTok app doesn't look much like a classic social media provider like Facebook.

Tik-Tok is more a platform, better say workshop for creating and consuming content.

Tik-Tok's functionality reminds of Instagram most of all, but it differs from it in the format of published posts.

One of the distinctive features of TikTok, we would even say its advantage features, is the ability to add music to content.

Already in 2018 TikTok absorbed the popular app which was used mainly for creating videos with singing to the soundtrack. However, you can find various publication formats in the Tik-Tok app.

Often popular videos in Tik-Tok have a specific plot, in particular, the “mems” format is very popular.

Interesting features of the application, a kind of know-how, are the duets so-called - reaction.

Both functions allow users to shoot a clip with their reaction to another one. At the same time, after publication, both videos will be shown to other users on the same screen, creating a kind of ”Duet".

The Tik-Tok social network gives each user the freedom to Express themselves through short movies. Today, this feature is actively used by more than 800 million bloggers from 150 countries.

It is easy for a beginner, even a talented one, but not popular and without subscribers, to get lost in a large amount of content.

The only way to show your creativity more than the first 100-200 Tiktok live viewersto get into the recommendations.

What are recommendations in TikTok

A user of this social network can view content in different feeds Keyword search Results. This option requires active actions, we can not say that this is the most popular method of search;

When You open the application, You will first of all see the recommended new content from those participants who You are already following;
Recommended ones are the second feed, in which the system itself offers various content. In order to achieve fame and rapid growth of the audience, all users tend to get in the tape “recommended”.

This will immediately bring a lot of fans, likes Tiktok and Tiktok comments. In slang, the recommended feed is called "recs".

How to get into the Tik Tok recommendations

It is not known by what algorithm the videos are included in the recommended ones. The company does not disclose this secret and bloggers can only guess.

But we are sure that there are 3 different factors, that can affect the appearing of Your video in recommendations:

Blogger's account design;

Shooting videos on popular topics;

Producing high-quality content.

The impact of the audience's first reaction to the newly published video is clearly visible.

Therefore, you can try to "strengthen" it with the help of likes, and this is the very effective tool that complements Your success. We offer You to order our different Tik-Tok likes packages right now and start the immediate growth of Your popularity.

Account creation notices

If Your content will attract the attention of Tik-Tok users ensure that they will come to discover Your account. And an account in Tick Tok strongly affects the desire to subscribe and follow the publications. Therefore, the Tik-Tok account should have 100% of attraction and originality. This is the business card of a blogger, in which you need to apply maximum
creativity. Don't forget to add links to your YouTube channel and Instagram profile and Facebook.

What does a Tik-Tok profile consist of?

Tik-Tok account consists of three main elements: the Name; the Avatar; the Description.

The nickname must be original, it shouldn’t be difficult to read it. And for sure it should be easy to keep it in memory. It should be formed with Latin letters (You region location doesn’t matter).

For avatars, you can use a simple photo from life (life-style selfie) or apply masks and processing in image editors.

The account image must match the image you selected and the style of future contents that You plan to share.

An important profile partm from the procedure point of view is Your description.

This can be a short brief about your hobbies, a wise quote or your motto, or maybe calls to follow with good explanations why users should subscribe to Your profile.

Try to combine creativity with brevity. No one will read long inscriptions in Tik-Tok.

How to track trends

If You are focused on attraction of the large quantity of Tiktok followers it would be better if you will shoot videos on the most popular, trend topics. Tik-Tok groups videos by hashtags.

To find popular topics, go to the social media website and simply visit the "trending" section.

How to make a successful video for Tik-Tok

Almost all Tik-Tok users wonder to get in "recommendations".

But spontaneous videos and improvisations rarely get much popularity. Most videos with a viral effect are the result of well-planned work. First of all, you need to find the general line.

Don’t forget that Tik-Tok is first of all the community with the emotional short-medias main format.

It’s the place for entertainment.

TikTok users are best served with humorous content, dancing, music, karaoke to famous songs, videos with Pets, sports tricks and just antics ― all this leads users to delight, gets a lot of likes, thus as a logical result quickly gets into recommendations.

However, You have strictly to follow the selected general line.

Chaos in your profile feed, a lot of videos of completely different topics will scare off the followers.

What determines the content quality

Tik Tok followers prefer not only emotion and spontaneity. High quality is also the key success factor.

To make a video that will be viewed, liked and shared with friends, follow several simple recommendations:

  • Prepare the shooting conditions: secure your camera or smartphone, select the background and lighting that will provide good visibility and contrast. The video should not be dark, with poorly discernible details, or too illuminated. The room for shooting should be in order, and the hero of the movie should be beautifully dressed and neat to look at (unless you specifically shoot in the image of a slob or homeless person).
  • Think over the scenario and rehearse the video several times. If this is a dance, then practice it repeatedly so that there are no chaotic movements in the frame. Or shoot 3-4 times and leave the best example for publication.
  • Look for a new track that is popular at the time of publication in the Tik Tok library to increase the likelihood of being included in the recommendations. Most novice users will benefit from taking a couple of acting lessons.
  • In addition, learn and use all the features of the Tik Tok video editor, its special effects, masks, and stickers. Sometimes you can use banal acceleration or deceleration to create spectacular videos. When publishing videos in Tik Tok, it is Important to regularly shoot and upload new content.

Best time for Tik Tok content sharing

The main rule is - the time of Your publication should coincide with the maximum activity of users – your potential followers and clients.

You can determine the optimal time to share a new content by observing the reaction, quantity of views and likes of similar videos published at different times by You or Your direct concurrent.

According to reviews, the optimal time for publishing is from 18 to 21 on working days and daytime on Saturday and Sunday.

Tik Tok's active audience is children and teenagers, and most users are under 24 years old.

Therefore, it is useless to publish content while the most part of users is still in classes or already asleep.

Bloggers have also noticed that re-publishing a video can provide much more views than the first time.

How to increase your chances of getting into recommendations

Creating original and high-quality content is a must. It is also very useful to comment and like other artists ' movies.

You can write to a well-known blogger and ask him to rate your content by like or better to leave a positive message.

It doesn't always work and You have to understand that manual increase of Tik Tok profile popularity is a slow process.

Since the feed of recommended videos is generated automatically, you can only try to affect the global factors that are indicators of audience reaction for TikTok algorithms.

This is the number of views, likes, and subscriber growth.

But on the another hand you can quickly wind them up using our service. Just after the service is ordered and payed by our client we will quickly start our work, and let us ensure You that You will see the impressive positive results already in a couple of days.

We have friendly pricing and effective methods of promotion.

Tik Tok likes and followers

Just like any other social medias, TikTok users post and share content hoping to get popularity and success.

If You liked a particular video, the best possibility to tell about your
positive reaction is to mark it with a heart (like) by clicking on the corresponding icon on the right side of the screen.

You can also leave comments on the video.

If you like a user's material, you can subscribe to it by going to the author's profile using the link that is also available on the video screen and clicking “Add” in their profile.

In the end

The explosive growth of the Tik Tok followers is associated with many factors.

It's very important that Tik Tok provides the simplicity of shooting, sharing and audience attraction.

And all bloggers want to get into recommendations.

Even if you don't think about tags, several hundred people will still see your video.

But to achieve success and attract hundreds of thousands subscribers, a user needs to consciously pay attention to all the nuances of promotion.

Then the videos will be included in the recommendations, the blogger will get a large audience and will be able not only to create, but also to earn money in Tik Tok.

And anyways the most effective way to perform a good profile promotion and thus get the best results is to order our special services.

You will never get banned or loose, with us You will get only popularity and success.

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